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Dirty Bomb Presents... The Unlock and Load Update

Forgiveness or vengeance? With fresh information on the culprit behind the death of Max Bashki, Aimee has tracked Proxy down, and is met with a surprising choice to make

Splash Damage celebrate World Tapir Day

Many moons ago you chose the tapir as our mascot. And what a fine beast to adopt! Sadly, these majestic critters roam in threatened habitats such as the jungle regions of South and Central America, leaving them endangered.

Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Beta is here!

Peppering the enemy with your Gnasher in the Gears of War 4’s multiplayer is becoming a reality, as the beta codes have officially started to roll out!

Dirty Bomb Presents... The Rogue en Vogue Update

Change the course of Dirty Bomb history over the next five weeks, as you join the newest Merc Aimee on her quest for vengeance. Read on for all the dirt!

Work on Gears of War 4!

Following our work on Gears of War: Ultimate Edition we’re pleased to say that we’re once more joining forces with the fantastic folks at Microsoft and The Coalition to create the multiplayer for Gears of War 4.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition now available for Windows 10

When can you can finally squash the Locust Horde in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Windows 10? Right now - Surprise!

Dirty Bomb Presents... Ranked Season 1 Update

Let's cut to the chase - Ranked Season 1 starts today, and you should get involved. For honor, glory, and the dangly doodad you'll get at the end of it! All the grisly details on Ranked Season 1 and other additions lie ahead...

Dirty Bomb presents... Feb Fine Tuning

We hope you like graphs... You'll uncover no less than five of them with your scrolling method of choice, giving context to the many changes that have gone into this balance-focused Fine Tuning update! Read on for more...

Dirty Bomb presents... January Fine Tuning

You want maps? We've got maps! In this Fine Tuning update we're unveiling two brand new prototype maps for you to try out for a limited time. On top of that, Dome has been given a makeover and numerous bugs have been stomped.

Dirty Bomb presents... The 'What the Dickens?' Update

Welcome, traveller, to my humble abode!

The abode itself isn't mine, per se, but don't let trivialities interfere; Take a seat by one of the fires as I read from a classic.

You'll know Charles Dickens as the noted Victorian author of such great novels as Oliver The Whist, Niggling Nickelback, Great Expectorations, Our Mutual Target, and of course the unforgettable A Tale Of A City And Another Similar, Yet Contrasting, City.

But did you know that Charles invented Dickensmas as we know it? Thanks to his Yuletide yarns we writhe in a seasonal orgy of liver-detonating feasting, feigned social reconciliation, cloying family sentiment and mass material consumption.

"Bah, Hamburg!" I'm tempted to say. But these comfy holiday sweaters, Trinket trails and Ranking shenanigans have really lifted my spirits!

Then again, maybe it's the brandy talking... Now, where was I?