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What We're All About

Here at Splash Damage, our goal is simple: We want to develop genre-leading AAA experiences that are highly regarded among reviewers and gamers alike. We've already created the Enemy Territory franchise for id Software winning over 100 awards & nominations, have dominated the multiplayer aspects of Doom 3 and Batman: Arkham Origins, scaled new heights with Brink, released RAD Soldiers on mobile and desktop; and are currently working on our first wholly owned IP for PC, Dirty Bomb.

As a company, our highest priority is to make sure that staff are well-paid. Splash Damage is proud to be able to offer higher than average salaries to its employees, and we make sure all full-time members of staff have private health care and dental insurance, and also offer a contributory pension scheme as well as share options.

We also want to ensure everyone here enjoys a healthy work/life balance. Thanks to our flexitime arrangement, employees are able to manage their start time and working hours, and can convert overtime into extra holiday days. And to help you keep in shape, we offer a complimentary health club and gym membership to all full-time members of staff.

And finally, we pride ourselves on our cultural diversity. With team members hailing from some 18 countries, we are about as diverse as it gets.

What It's Like Here

Above all, Splash Damage offers an extremely friendly and relaxed working environment. Everyone here shares a deep passion for video games and that really shows in daily office life. Our open-plan offices further enhance this kind of collaboration - the entire development team is in one large room, which keeps everyone - from studio head to play testers - completely accessible.

This welcoming atmosphere doesn't stop at the office doors either. Staff regularly get together for a multitude of social events, including weekly pub quizzes and football practice. We also have regular company events, such as parties (including our annual Black Mass Halloween party) and pub nights.

We like everyone to know what's going on, so every morning each feature team gets together for a quick meeting to keep people in the loop. We also gather the entire company every Friday morning for a project and studio update accompanied by delicious pastries.

Finally, when you come to Splash Damage, we want you to think of it as a career and not just another job to put on your resume. We make sure that everyone here is allowed to grow based on their abilities and interests, which has resulted in an exceptionally low staff turnover rate.

Hear From Our Staff

One of the best ways to find out what it's like to work for a company is to ask its employees. Luckily, one of our regular features here on the Splash Damage website is our series of staff interviews, shedding light on how people got their start in the industry, how they ended up at Splash Damage, their favorite games, and much more. Here are a select few:

Paul G Gordon B Jamie M

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